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I grew up in Sydney, In the western suburbs where my sister and I lived till we finally moved to the Gold Coast back in 1998 to be closer to our family.

Spending much of my free time behind the lens, it wasn't long before I became passionate about capturing special moments creating memories that would last forever. It wasn't long after that, that I worked my way into the wedding business and haven't looked back since!

I am so passionate about my photography that I made sure that I was going to make it more affordable for my clients, I searched high and low for quality albums and canvases and spent numerous hours studying and learning everything that was required to run a successful photography business.

I love to travel and go fishing, camping and of course everywhere I go I always make sure I have my cameras ready at hand for those landscape, sunset shotthat you wouldn't want to miss!

Being a wedding photographer I like to create stories of the day with beautiful images, and when I am not photographing weddings I'm in my fully air conditioned studio photographing everything from people to pets,  or at home where I process all my images.

I constantly keep up to date with new trends, equipment and software to make sure I provide you with beautiful everlasting memories 


ABN 29217487649

That Lady Photographer

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