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As you probably already read clan tags can now have 6 characters max; between characters for a clan tag. Tomorrow is Friday and there will be a new weekend event. Le 22 novembre , Infestation: Old exchanges have been removed. This item will be a main component to craft Winchester ammo.

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Survivor Stories met en place PunkBusterun système anti-triche. The basic idea of this system would be that players could dismantle already crafted items and get components back. Radiation zones not the final name yet randomly appear through out the maps and are basically a temporary high damage area. Added a new iron sight for the Honey Badger Neon Dragon. Menu music has returned to the normal menu music. Increased the spawn rates of gun powder.

Added a new skin for the Large Backpack called: Added nifestation new component item called: This infestatin be crafted using a clean sweep I and some other items.

This gives a lot more room for new clan tags again, as at this moment with the 4 tags there was barely any tags left.

Infestation: The New Z

Fixed some spawns around Boulder City and Goblin Peak where player spawned inside trees. Added a new iron sight for the L85 Infinity.


Decreased the spawn rates of the MTV basic. Please let us know further feedback so we can keep improving and working on this. This is done to prevent all the abuse and issues players have been reporting recently.

Please note that from now on clan tags can be 4 characters neqz, 5 or maximum 6 characters long. Accueil Discussions Workshop Marché Diffusions.

Added a new melee variant of the infestagion Sweep » called: This is an idea that would hopefully get it into the game somewhere soon to finish of the new craftable ammo systems.

First of all this is the first patch of so we’d like to a bit late still wish everyone best wishes for ! Updated the store icon of the Clean Sweep. This will give 10x HG Bullets. Dear Community We are very excited to announce this weekend’s weekend event. The model now looks overall better quality and is better rigged to the thee.

We have started to work our way towards making ammo craftable. Le jeu offre aux joueurs la possibilité de tuer des zombies ou de jouer contre d’autres utilisateurs PvP. Added a new skin for the Heavy Armor called: Style Helmet variant standalone item that has a gas mask attached.


infestation the newz

This item will be a tue of the recipe to craft a Custom Guerilla. Added a new iron sight for the L85 Black Night. Politique de confidentialité À propos de Wikipédia Avertissements Contact Développeurs Déclaration sur les témoins cookies Version mobile.

Infestation : The New Z

Lowered the volume of some ambient sounds on top of the bridges. Updated the Light Gear Forest recipe. Comment ajouter mes sources?

infestation the newz

Clan tags are now updated from max 4 characters to 6. Added a new iron sight for the L85 United Kingdom.

Infestation : The New Z () – Jeu vidéo – SensCritique

Added a new spray called: The New Z Page du magasin. For now we have decided to leave the clan limit the same as the group infestatino. Added a new skinbox called: Survivor Stories met en place PunkBusterun système anti-triche.

You can now exchange 10 canoe paddles for 1 hatchet in Blue Ridge safe zone.