Joanne's Wedding Splash

Joanne was given just one year to live after her wisdom tooth pain was found to be terminal skin cancer and married the love of her life in a 'magical' wedding on her family's homestead. 

Joanne Coleman, 22, from Queensland, was grateful to be alive as she exchanged vows with her fiancé Josh in front of 175 teary-eyed friends and family.   

Dressed in a traditional white lace wedding dress, Joanne was able to momentarily forget about her diagnosis and enjoy a beautiful day that included a surprise helicopter ride, a lolly station and the cake of her dreams.

In March, 2018, Joanne was told she had just 12 months to live and that the cancer that had taken half her face - including her right eye and part of her mouth - was now terminal.

Her mother Helen, who has been by her side since Joanne was first diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) at 20, reached out to My Wedding Wish to help them plan the nuptials. 

The organisation, which gifts weddings to the terminally ill, provided a welcome sign, stylist, cake, photographer, videographer, celebrant and numerous other suppliers to ensure the day was memorable.

They even had a horse that was there the first time we kissed.

Joanne's efforts were focused on the 'trash your wedding dress' day that was held on the Gold Coast on the 31st of March 2019

While her future may be uncertain, Joanne is at peace knowing she has the love of her life with her every step of the way, and a family that will hold her hand until the end. 

The following images are those we took on the day to remember the wonderful event that played out on the day.

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