Allow me to introduce to you "Birds of Prey by Nichole Wescombe".


I came across Nichole's work through facebook and when I saw the image of  a Magpie riding the tail of an Eagle.

I couldn't help myself, I had to download, edit and repost the edited version to the same group in coments under her post.

Much to my suprise Nichole commented saying how much she loved it and would I mind editing more of her work.

I gladly accepted.

My aim is to bring her images to life through the power of editing and maybe help her, to become noticed for the beautiful work she does, and also to show that I am able to edit any image to make it look like the way a photographer see's it through the lens.

All enquiries for purchase of these images can be directed to:

Nichole Wescombe 0407050754


If you have an image you would like edited I am more than happy to help out. All you need to do now is  



Now sit back and view this beautiful work. (More to come)




ABN 29217487649

That Lady Photographer

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